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The Israeli Oncology Nursing Society
The Israeli Oncology Nursing Society was established in 1986 as an interest group for nurses working in oncology department in hospitals and caring for cancer patients in the community. In 1988, we were officially recognized as a professional organization.Today, membership totals about 500 registered nurses 65% of them are graduates of post-basic oncology nursing educational programs.
The Society & rsquos Vision
We believe that the oncology nurse is a valuable resource for the promotion of quality care provided to cancer patients and their families, in all stages of disease and in all care settings.We believe in the development of the oncology nurse in order to reach professional excellenc.
Aims and Goals
To provide the best possible care to cancer patients during all stages of the disease in order to enhance quality of life.
To encourage activities that will raise public awareness and knowledge about prevention and early detection of cancer.
To , disseminate, and contribute further to knowledge related to the development of cancer nursing.
To develop members&rsquo sense of personal responsibility and become role models who work by the highest professional standards.
To improve the professional status of the nurse in Israel.
To become involved in health policy decisions related to cancer care through participation in influential committees and by developing practice guidelines.
To continually strive to increase the number of members.
The Society is governed by a board of 11 members: the President,
Treasurer and Chairpersons of the main committees (Constitution, Education,
Scholarship and Publications) and five members at large. The term of office
is 3 years and Board Members may be re-elected. The President and the
Chairpersons of the committees are elected by the Board and the Board is
elected by the membership. Every 3 years, half of the Board changes.
Members pay an annual membership fee which provides the following benefits:
Three issues per year of the official journal &ldquoSeud Oncology&rdquofree registration to study days, seminars and the annual conference
The opportunity to apply for a scholarship every three years to attend an international conference or other educational activity.
Educational Initiatives
Improvement and enrichment of the nurses&rsquo knowledge and professional performance is an important commitment of the Society to its members.
The Society has influence on the development and implementation of basic and post-basic cancer nursing educational programs. Appointed members of the Society advise the Ministry of Health on this topic.
The current post-basic program consists of 750 hours theoretical and clinical instruction. Four courses are held simultaneously each year.
Three study days, a national conference and several workshops are organized each year. Titles of study days and workshop topics have been: fatigue, geriatric oncology, nursing management of chemotherapy side effects, and advanced pain management. Most recently, 40 nurses completed six study days on ethical issues and dilemmas approached from different points of
view &ndashlegal, moral and social. This seminar was monitored by experienced lawyers and participant participation was extremely active. The yearly conferences are based on topics contained in submitted abstracts accepted for presentation.
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